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The Ted Turner Endowment

(Photos courtesy Turner Family Collection via CNN)

GW honors Ted Turner

The world grows increasingly complex and people need credible, trustworthy information more than ever.


We are raising funds to highlight the importance of compelling fact-based storytelling by creating an endowed professorship at the George Washington University’s (GW) School of Media and Public Affairs (SMPA) in honor of Ted Turner, a pioneer in global media and journalism.

Ted revolutionized the way people consume television news. He disrupted and defined an industry. He brought an audacious entrepreneurial spirit to storytelling and global communication. Reflecting Ted’s passion for the planet, the professor will focus on the profound challenges confronting a world where there will be 10 billion people by mid-century and where the effects of the global climate crisis are already being felt.

Honoring Ted’s impact and passion in perpetuity with a chair at GW in the heart of the nation’s capital assures influence and impact. GW occupies a unique position at the crossroads of media, politics, technology, and the arts. Five blocks from the White House, this is where debate takes place and decisions are made. Through the Ted Turner Endowed Fund, we will teach, and inspire young people. This initiative will increase public understanding, create a permanent public presence highlighting Ted’s legacy, invest in journalism, and benefit students for generations to come. 


The Ted Turner Endowed Fund


This endowed fund is a reflection of Ted’s lifelong commitment to the environment and will build on important environmental and sustainability work already established within SMPA. It is composed of these three elements:

 $3.2 Million Raised to Date

Image courtesy The Cable Center


Ted Turner Professor of Environmental Media

This individual will be a prominent and active journalist, filmmaker or author. They will teach, continue with his/her creative work, and maintain an exemplary public profile. S/he will be a convener and a recognized leader in the field.


Ted Turner
Graduate Fellow

Supporting the faculty position will be a graduate fellow who will provide graduate-level research, project support and design a graduate capstone project that addresses a challenging problem in environmental communication.


Ted Turner Planet Forward Symposium

There will be a major public event each year, highlighting bold and creative storytelling about the challenges and opportunities confronting the planet. The event will reflect Ted’s legacy.


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