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For the past few years, a number of Ted’s friends and colleagues — many of whom owe their success to the opportunities Ted and Turner Broadcasting afforded them early in their careers — have talked about honoring Ted and his unparalleled contributions to media and journalism. This fitting tribute, in content and location, will support and empower future generations of journalists and media professionals, just as Ted helped to change the world and enable the success of so many others.


CNN's Chief International Anchor, Christiane is a fearless and internationally acclaimed journalist who has covered some of the most wrenching stories around the world.  


While CEO of The Weather Channel Companies, Decker introduced audiences to the challenge of climate change. He served in the Carter Administration, and later as President of the National Cable Television Association and as a US Ambassador on international telecommunications issues in the Obama Administration. He now serves on the Board of Discovery Communications, Island Press and Climate Central, in addition to supporting various nonprofits.


CNN's Chief Political Correspondent, SMPA graduate, and GW distinguished alumni award winner, Dana has been covering campaigns and Congress in the D.C. area for more than 20 years. In 2017, Dana launched her CNN series, Badass Women of Washington, which features women who shattered glass ceilings on their way up the ranks.


A groundbreaking leader and innovator as President and CEO of the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM), Char was inducted into Cable Television Hall of Fame in 2009. Char chaired the National Council of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs and has held multiple leadership roles at the University.


As CEO of Time Warner for more than a decade and Chairman of the Board until its acquisition by AT&T in 2018, Jeff stood at the helm of a media empire whose portfolio included HBO, Turner Broadcasting (CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network), Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Jeff is on the advisory board of the Creative Coalition and a Trustee at his alma maters, Stanford and Yale Universities.

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Media pioneer and co-founder of Comcast, Julian served as its CFO and went on to be elected Vice Chairman. Julian also founded Comcast's venture capital fund, Comcast Interactive Capital Group, and is an honorary director of the Cable Center.


Global problem solver and communicator, Kathy led the UN Foundation — Ted's audacious bet to advance human dignity and protect the planet. Prior to that she was President of the AOL Time Warner Foundation where she guided AOL Time Warner’s philanthropic activities. 


Widely acknowledged as a senior and respected Democratic strategist, Bert spent 10 years as Vice President for Government Affairs of Turner Broadcasting and served on the executive committee. He has four decades of Washington experience.


A CNN original, who has worked at the network since the first broadcast in June 1980, Rick is Executive Vice President of Standards and Practices, the group that assures the professionalism and high ethical standards of everything CNN does. He's seen the network span the globe — and become one of the most recognized brands in the world.


Joy has spent her career at the merged intersection of global media and social good. She joined Turner Broadcasting in 1993, with many years of service to CNN Worldwide, inspired by the vision that Ted Turner had that media and information could change the world for the better, bringing our tiny planet closer together.


Previously the Executive Vice President of the CNN Newsgroup, Gail was known for being the highest ranking female at CNN.
She is currently an author, lecturer and business executive.


As CNN's Washington bureau chief and senior vice president, Sam leads all newsgathering and Washington-based programming, including: The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, The Lead with Jake Tapper, State of the Union, and Inside Politics.


Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, WarnerMedia News and Sports, Brad is responsible for the financial leadership of CNN US, CNN Digital, HLN, CNN International, Bleacher Report, and partnerships with the NBA, MLB, and NCAA. 


Joan currently serves as a Corporate Director of public and private companies. She held various roles at Time Warner Cable/Time Warner participating in the Company's transformation and monetization of digital cable, video on demand and addressable advertising. After serving as COO of Timer Warner Cable Media and EVP of Time Warner Cable for 10 years, she left Time Warner Cable in 2016. Joan began her career in politics working in the U.S. Senate. She earned her Masters at GW and is a member of the SMPA National Council.


A demanding editor and precise writer, Richard brought his discipline and precision to CNN’s editorial table every day, serving as CNN’s Vice President and Senior Editorial Director.

Dr. Sanjay and Rebecca Gupta

Multiple Emmy® Award-winning Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN, Sanjay is a practicing neurosurgeon at Emory Hospitals, plays an integral role in CNN's reporting on health & medical news. Rebecca, a lawyer and venture capitalist, is an active member of the Atlanta community. She sits on the Southeast Region Board for UNICEF, University of Michigan Medical Advisory Board, and on the board for Friends of English Avenue. The couple have three young girls and enjoy sharing with them the love of travel & the understanding of global responsibility. 

Amos B.
Hostetter Jr.

After co-founding Continental Cablevision, which grew to be the third largest cable television system operator in the country, Amos served on the National Cable Television Association board and was a founding director and chairman of C-SPAN and of Cable in the Classroom. He continues to change the world through the Barr Foundation with $1B in philanthropy to climate, education, arts & creativity causes.


President of CNN for more than a decade, Tom led CNN's ground-breaking coverage of the Gulf War and changed the way audiences consume news. Early in his career, Tom served as deputy press secretary for President Lyndon Johnson. He was also the publisher of the Dallas Times-Herald and The Los Angeles Times.


Always with a focus on how CNN could get its cameras, reporters, and producers to the most remote corners of the world, Eason helped the network gain access to some of the biggest stories on the planet - from earthquakes in Pakistan to the very first waves of American bombing in Iraq during the first Gulf War.


Storytelling is in Mitra's blood. As Senior VP for news, opinion and programming at CNN digital, her role is to creatively share CNN's content across an ever-expanding platform. She was previously the managing editor for editorial strategy at the LA Times.


As Chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting System from 2003 until 2013, Phil held one of the most influential and prestigious jobs in media. He oversaw all aspects of
the business — news, sports, and entertainment alike — and led Turner Broadcasting through its digital transformation.

David & Niki

After joining Turner Broadcasting at the age of 24, David spent the next 32 years building Turner assets ultimately culminating in six years as CEO. David orchestrated a landmark NCAA March Madness deal with CBS for multi-media rights, including exclusive rights four the final four and championship games for Turner every other year.


A woman who helped define the media industry as a CEO and producer, Pat, has focused her career on using media as a force for social change. With a special emphasis on the representation of women's voices she was inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in 2009. She was named one of the Most Powerful Women in Hollywood.


President of Providence Journal Company, Chair/CEO of American Television & Communications Corporation and Chairman of NCTA, Tryg led the industry’s successful effort to pass the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, which freed the industry from stifling regulation. Tryg served on the board of Turner Broadcasting. He is a member of the Cable Hall of Fame and the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame.

Brian L.

Brian L. Roberts is Chairman and CEO of Comcast Corporation.  Under his leadership, Comcast has grown into a global company uniquely positioned at the intersection of media and technology with three primary businesses, Comcast Cable, NBCUniversal, and Sky.

Roosevelt IV

Investment banker and managing director at Barclay’s Capital Corporation, chairman of the firm’s Clean Tech initiative, and on the board of several organizations committed to the environment and climate action,
Ted Roosevelt is a committed conservationist. It is a passion he’s long shared with his good friend, Ted Turner. 

(Image by Amy Elliott)


As Senior U.N. correspondent and longest serving employee, Richard has been on the front lines since CNN went live in 1980. From reporting at Ground Zero after 9/11 to covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, Richard has brought CNN's breaking news to a global audience for four decades.


During nearly 14 years with Turner Broadcasting, Jim served in a range of leadership capacities spanning programming, digital media, marketing, and affiliate sales. He served as EVP & General Manager of Cartoon Network Worldwide. 


Louise joined Turner Broadcasting in 1993 and was instrumental in its growth,

serving as General Counsel and as its former President. She is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees for Princeton University. She is an expert in the law and a lifelong learner and global traveler.


Scott is credited with building Turner’s entertainment cable channels into industry leaders, launching seven networks over a seven‐year period. He joined Turner Broadcasting in 1988 and finished his tenure as president of Turner Entertainment Group and a member of the Turner Board of Directors and the TBS Executive Committee.


Director of Strategic Initiatives at the George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs and past Director for more than a decade, Frank brought together this remarkable group of people to honor Ted Turner at GW. Frank worked at CNN for 21 years as White House Correspondent, anchor, talk show host, and Washington Bureau Chief. 

Turner Seydel

Daughter of Ted Turner, chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation, and committed environmentalist, Laura is eloquent in her advocacy of sustainable living. She embraces her father’s passion for the outdoors and his concern about climate change. 


Stu culminated his 13-year tenure at Turner Broadcasting as President & COO of the company’s Animation, Young Adults and Kid Media Division; Cartoon Network, Adult Swim & Boomerang garnering multiple Emmy Awards. In leadership roles with Turner, WWE and Feld Entertainment, Stu supported kids and families through the creation of Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative, representing Turner as a Boys & Girls Club National Trustee and supporting The Captain Planet Foundation.


As  Chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports, Jeff leads the most used digital outlet in the world. President of CNN Worldwide since 2013, co-founder of Hulu, and five time Emmy Winner, Jeff spent more than two decades at NBC Universal, where he rose through the ranks to become the company's president and CEO.

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