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  • Laura Turner Seydel

My father changed the world

While many know Ted Turner as a media pioneer, businessman, advocate, conservationist and friend — to me, he’s first and foremost — “Dad."

An exceptional and devoted father, he nurtured his family and shaped our worldview to recognize the inextricable link between our humanity, our planet, and to overcome obstacles as a global community.

I am proud to partner with and support George Washington University in its effort to honor him through the establishment of the Ted Turner Professor of Environmental Media. Not only will this professor be a prominent media leader with a distinguished track record reporting and producing compelling, fact-based stories about the planet, s/he will teach and inspire the future.

Between revolutionizing the media business through CNN and Turner Broadcasting, to his ground-breaking $1 billion gift to the UN Foundation, my Dad has a knack for championing ideas to make a difference in the world. By envisioning the world’s first environmental superhero, Captain Planet, our Dad helped summon earth stewardship all across the globe. As our real-life Captain Planet, my brothers and sister and I are enormously proud of the impact he’s had on so many lives. We can think of no more urgent or important way to embrace his living legacy than by advocating for our natural world through the communication and compelling storytelling around ideas that can improve our well-being for generations to come.

This effort at George Washington complements the efforts of my father — and my hero — who has worked so diligently to "save everything." What a wonderful way to celebrate his great strengths as a visionary, his commitment to the planet, and his unrelenting “can-do” and trailblazing attitude. I hope you will join me in this tribute as I know he is so appreciative of this outpouring of love and support.


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